Watermelon Festival

This festival is a unique way to experience rural life and enjoy the company of others. Our event was designed with community in mind, bringing people together for a memorable time in the countryside. Join us for fun activities like warli and tile painting, exciting games hosted by our team, a competitive watermelon-eating contest, and much more! Don't miss out on this incredible event. Festival period: January - March.

To Be a Farmer

"Be a Farmer" for one day. The day allows everyone to get their hands dirty on the Farm. Rice plantation experience with local Farmer, Mud games, Tiles Painting, Traditional Rice Grinding Method & have a day out that you won't Forget. Festival period: July - September.

Dog Camping

Dog Camping with your dog has to be one of the best experiences to share with your four-legged friend. All that beautiful space outdoors to explore, sniff, run around in, and mark out some territory. And the dog is sure to have fun too! Have a wonderful Paw adventure @Shivar


Terracotta Workshop is a beautiful experience for Shivar Agro Tourism. We are glad to organize this amazing event, providing knowledge about ancient techniques of terracotta sculptures.

Off Road Event

Shivar presents an Off-Road Adventure Event for all the riders who are looking for some new adventure in their lives. The off-road route is created in such a way to bring that thrilling feel to every rider. A Chance to enjoy the riding is a combination of exhilaration, fear, relaxation, and pleasure that changes you forever.

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