About Farmers & Team

Anil Patil

A farmer with 35 years of experience has been awarded "Krishi Bhushan" from the government of Maharashtra. He is making a transition from chemical-based farming to organic (sustainable) farming at a good rate, awarded with a different award for experience in farming and adviser for gov bodies for different crops. A vocal supporter of geotagging Wada kolam.

Rahul Patil

A BE civil engineer driven by a passion for a sustainable living started this unique farm stay and different harvest festivals. During the covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, he delivered farm-fresh produce directly to consumers in Mumbai and Thane. Rahul is also very passionate about adventure, so he conducts bike trips and other activities. Rahul also offers a variety of adventure and fun experiences/activities in a nearby area. He also operates a travel and tourism company focussing on bike rides, and treks to Leh Ladakh, Northeast India, and across India.

Gautam Patil

A farmer for 15 years. He walks in the footstep of his father, Anil Patil. His main area of improvement is to turn organic farming. Gautam manages a massive plant nursery on his farm where various plants are grown. Gautam is also a farming consultant and takes up a turnkey project on farming in the area. On his farm, he grows Wada kolam rice, Watermelons, and muskmelons and manages the plantation of mango (Keshar), Chikoo, and Bananas.

Shaurya Somani

Shaurya manages sales and marketing for Shivar Agro Tourism. A media and event professional with 15+ years of experience in corporate. Shaurya quit his corporate job to start an initiative farmright.in which is into urban farming & farm visits. Shaurya believes in the power of sustainable and responsible tourism and its positive impact on people and the environment.