Farm Tour (Complimentary)

A guided tour of our farm and plantation will take approx. 1 hour. You can later participate in a farming activity (sowing/harvesting) of your choice.

Plant Nursery visit (Complimentary)

A plant nursery is a place where plants are grown to the desired age. Here you will find different types of plants, and planting methods and understand the importance of a nursery.

Harvesting (Complimentary)

Enjoy the fruit of nature and a farmer's hard work. Depending on the season, we will give you a chance to harvest farm-fresh produce.

Sowing (Complimentary)

Sow a seed, Plant a Tree, Make your hands dirty, and Experience a farmer's life for some time. This is a seasonal activity that will take about 30 minutes.


Rain / Fog Dance (Complimentary)

Beat the heat and unwind yourself. We are equipped with rain/fog dance floors and pipes throughout the year.

Bon fire (Complimentary)

Find your fire. A place where memories are made. We have a dedicated area for a bonfire with the seating arrangement.

Tarpa Dance (Premium)

A local tribal dance. Tarpa is an instrument that is played by village locals to celebrate the harvest and special occasions.

Warli / Tiles painting (Complimentary)

Warli is popular tribal art. We set up a warli painting learning session for those enthusiasts who are interested in learning this form of painting.


Trekking (Premium)

Kohoj fort base camp is within 10 minutes' driving distance. This is a 2-hour trek. A trekking guide and refreshments will be made available upon request and availability.

Star Gazing / Night Trail (Premium)

Shoot for the stars. We offer an amazing night trail and stargazing experience. This experience has to be pre-booked and depends on the availability of the trainer.

Cycling (Complimentary)

Cycle your way through a picturesque rural hamlet, a mountain, and a river. We have marked a cycling route for you.

Tractor ride (Complimentary)

Experience how farmers navigate through their fields. We offer a tractor ride for your group stay.

* Premium acitvities are charged additionally and depends on availibility.